Problems with Bloating and Constipation Using Green Coffee Bean Extract

Posted by mg.personaltrainer on March 16, 2013 at 1:40 AM

A few users of green coffee bean extract have been reporting issues with bloating and constipation while being on a green coffee bean weight loss diet.

In the following we are going to take a closer look at what you can do in order to avoid this if you are having issues with bloating and constipation using this supplement.

Overdosing or To Many Supplements at the Same Time

The main reason why people are experiencing bloating and constipation is often either because they take to high of a dosage or are mixing a green bean supplement with other weight loss supplements that are being taking on a relatively high dosage.

In this case often it is much better just to stick with one supplement at a time especially in the beginning because it will not give you a faster weight loss taking more than one supplement, especially not in the begining.

If you however want to take other supplements together with green coffee bean then it is a better idea to take green coffee bean first and then add on other supplements later on in the process. This will be far more effective because you are adding another element to your diet your body did not expect, especially not at a time where it is starting to get use to the presence of green coffee bean extract.

With this method starting low and slow it will become much easier to avoid bloating and constipation as well.

Bloating and Constipation Caused by a New Substance in Your Body

Normally bloating and constipation is because when you start taking green coffee bean extract you are adding a substance to your body that it is not use to handle when it comes to digestion so your body reacts by getting bloated and constipated.

The way to handle this is either by cutting down your dosage the first 7 to 9 nine or start with a lower dosage if you have not started yet but know that it will be an issue for you.

Your Fiber Intake

Another thing you should take a closer look at in order to avoid getting bloated and constipated is your overall intake of fibers. it is commonly known that if you start to take a high amount of fibers suddenly you will get bloated and constipated. And if you are allready having a fiber rich diet and start taking green coffee bean extract it might cause bloating as well.

A good idea here is to cut down a little bit on the fibers until you find a level where you will not be constipated anymore

It is not a good idea to completely leave out fibers because fibers are healthy, mane you feel full and satisfied and will aid you in all aspect of your weight loss.


It is sad to see people give up on green coffee bean extract because of bloating and constipation, especially when there is something to do about. Just because the boottle display a recommended dosage does not necessarely means your body can handle it.

If you know you have been having constipation issues in the past it is a good idea just to start out slow, starting on a high dosage will not make you lose weight faster anyway.

Green coffee bean extract is right now the absolute best weight loss supplement to take and you can learn much more in our full investigation you can find here.

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